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sweet romantic, love!, eriolxtomoyo

October 2011



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sweet romantic, love!, eriolxtomoyo

[Fanfiction] [Code Geass] Drabbles

I'm too busy to write full-length fics so this will have to do for today. What do you think? :D xposted on almost everywhere

Euphemia saw her chance.

She grabbed his arm and laid her head on his shoulder; she snuggled up to it with a small smile. His cheeks were red with embarrassment but he did not try to shake her off. She let out a sigh of contentment as they walked around the small park at the top of the Government Building in complete privacy. When she felt tired, they sat down on the grass.

"You can let go of my arm now," Lelouch admonished. His violet eyes were twinkling.

"No," Euphemia said loudly. She squeaked in surprise when he pulled her downwards on the soft green grass. Her long pink hair spilled out of its straw hat and rippled in the wind. The next thing she knew was that she was lying beside him and staring up at the clear blue sky. He did not even protest when she snuggled closer to him and breathed his warm scent.

Lelouch surprised her when he wrapped a protective arm around her shoulders. He wasn't looking at her but she could hear his frantic heartbeats. Her half-brother was nervous and she found it adorable. Blue eyes softened with delight. She did not need to ask if he liked her back.

"I want to be with you forever," she whispered as she lay her head on his chest. Soft, slow breaths came and went. Euphemia was slowly lulled to sleep by utter contentment.

Lelouch smiled and pressed a kiss on her forehead. "I'll be with you for as long as you like."

They stayed there for a long, long time.


Kurunugi Suzaku was sure that helping Princess Euphemia move into her new apartment was not in his job description. He had half-listened to her cheerful chatter about how knowledge is power and that his knowing about her new address was important so that he could protect her better. But he was quite sure that she liked seeing him toil and trouble instead of hiring movers for this.

He finished fitting a bookshelf up on the wall. Green eyes were pleased as he saw in an ornate mirror's reflection when he noticed a certain pink-haired princess standing at the doorway. Pretending not to notice her, he removed his shirt. He had to move a few pieces of furniture anyway and he was so sweaty...

"Suzaku-kun," Euphie said, turning red. She approached him just when he tried to adjust the bookshelf. The next thing they knew she was lying under him and he was on top of her.  Red roses bloomed on her cheeks when she realized how handsome Suzaku looked up close. She could smell his warm and manly scent- a different aroma from Cornelia's perfume and Schneizel's aftershave...

"I'm sorry, Princess!" he said immediately. The brown-haired young man tried to get up but she pulled him down. His eyes widened when he realized that she was holding him. "I ought to get up. I'm sorry I slipped."

"Euphie," she said automatically. Her delicious giggles filled the air. Suzaku felt her arms tighten around him. "It's all right... I want to be here."

Suzaku pulled back when she loosened her hold. Then his green eyes immediately closed when he felt her lips catch his. The fragrance of roses assaulted his senses, making him feel weak. Just when he thought that Euphemia knew only love, he was pleasantly surprised. Sometimes a princess needed to mix in love with lust.